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Deccan Festival - 2016

Deccan Festival 2016,Deccan Fair

Start Date : 25 February 2016
End Date :01 March 2016

The Deccan Festival brings the spirit of Hyderabad city to life. The festival essentially celebrates the Qutab Shahi era. The love of art and literature of the city is reflected in the Deccan Festival. The festival is organized every year by the department of tourism of Andhra Pradesh.

The five day long festival marks the advent of several cultural programs. Talents of the city of Hyderabad is showcased in this festival. Performances of Ghazals, Mushairas and Qawwalis are a specialty of this festival. There are recitation of poetry and dance performances also happens in the festival. The Deccan Festival also highlights the rich crafts of Hyderabad. The nawab special cuisine is also prepared during the festival.

Another festivity that occurs in the course of the Deccan Festival, is the fair of bangles and pearls. The decorative pearls and the multi hued bangles of Hyderabad that are renowned over the world is exhibited in the Deccan Festival. A Food Fair, with items covering both Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine. This festival comes alive with food stalls and arts and craft shops.

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