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Elephant Festival Jaipur - 2016

Elephant Festival 2016,Elephant Fair

Start Date : 22nd March, 2016

The Elephant Festival which will be held on 22nd March, 2016, is a unique event of the elephants organized on the eve of Holi in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The festival begins with a procession with rows upon rows of elephants groomed to perfection, decked in gold and embroidered velvets, catwalk before an enthralled audience. They are followed by camels, horses and Rajasthani folk dancers.

The atmosphere is made lively with the sound of the bankiya or the trumpet. Held at the Jaipur Chaugan Stadium or the Polo ground, the festival is enjoyed by hundreds of tourists from India as well as from abroad. Most of the participants in the Elephant Festival in Jaipur are the female elephants. The elephants are painted on foreheads, trunks, foreheads and feet with floral motifs and adorned with ornaments and jewelry from tusk to tail. There are prizes for the Best Groomed elephant as well.

The elephants participate in number of events like races, The game of polo forms the highlight of the festival. Dressed in saffron and red turbans, the teams try to score goals with long sticks and a plastic football.

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