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Hemis Festival Ladakh India, Hemis Ladakh Festival

HEMIS FESTIVAL 2016, LADAKH - 14 july To 15 June 2016

Starting Date : 14 july 2016
End Date :15 july2016
Venue : Ladakh
Country : India
Category : Feast & Carnival

Ladakh is a storehouse of culture and adventure. The Buddhist culture in Ladakh has been inviting travellers for ages from all parts of the world. Fairs and festivals of Ladakh are a perfect mirror to the cultural practices and traditions that carry on in Ladakh. The Hemis Festival of Ladakh is a major crowd puller and holds a lot of significance in terms of culture. The festival, which runs for two days, is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of the Buddhist guru Padmasambhava. The festivities of Hemis take place at the world-famous Hemis Gompa, located at a distance of 45 km from the capital town of Leh.

The two-day-long festival falls on the 10th day of the Tibetan Lunar month. According to Georgian calendar, it is the time during June and July.

Sacred dances, contradictory explanations and special musical performances are the major highlights of the Hemis Festival in Ladakh. During the festival, lamas and monks gather at the Hemis Gompa to perform the sacred Mask Dance. The specific dance form is meant to celebrate good over evil. Apart from these dances, the lamas also come up to explain the significance and the actual meaning of the sacred dance performances.

Gone winters, and the most famous arid zone of India comes back to life. An abode where travellers turn up to try their luck on trekking, river rafting or merely adoring the beatific destination- Ladakh. What adds to the excitement is the famous Hemis Festival of Ladakh. It is a buddhist festival and held in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava.

The two day peagent is marked with the victory of good over evil where local people are seen with their colourful attire. The festival takes an auspicious turn every 12 years when two storey "Thanka" is showcased. The festival is organized by Head of Lama.

Hemis is colourful festival showcasing the beautiful handicrafts of the region. The festival is also famous for the "devil dances" that constitute an important element in the social entertainment of Ladakhis. The major attractions are the masked dances, that depicts the victory of right over the evil. "Chang" A country liquor is been served on this occasion.

The Hemis Festival brings an opportunity for all the villagers and families to come together and socialise. Men can be seen wearing cummerbands while women are dressed in bright headgear and lots of jewellery. Brass trumpets, which are 3 metre in length, are played and the whole festive scene becomes a sight to behold. Travellers also stand good chances of interacting with rural people which is otherwise not possible.

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Splendours of Ladakh During Hemis Festival

The Hemis Gompa becomes a hub of celebratory activities during the festival. The gompa, which is known to be the wealthiest and the biggest in Ladakh, also features the largest thangka in Ladakh. The Buddhist gompa remains divided into two main parts - the assembly hall on the right and the temple on the left. During the Hemis celebrations, the hall Dukhang becomes the greenroom of the dancers. The temple is locally known as Tshogkhang.

A colourful fair is also organised during the Hemis Festival and serves as a major attraction for tourists as well as locals. A range of handicrafts are put on sale during the exhibition and you can always find some wonderful souvenirs to take back home.

There are a number of other Buddhist festivals in Ladakh for you to join in. Each one of these has a special significance and has its own festive highlights.

The splendid festivals of Hemis that celebrates the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava.

About Hemis Festival Ladakh

The Hemis Festival is held every year in the Hemis Monastery, the biggest Buddhist monastery of Ladakh. It is celebrated on the tenth day of lunar month in the Tibetan calendar. The festival is celebrated in the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. During the festival, the Lamas gather around the central flagpole in the courtyard of the monastery and perform mask dances and sacred plays. Their performances are accompanied by the music from drums, cymbals and long horns. The Hemis Festival of Ladakh is associated with a legend. The founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Guru Padmasambhava fought with fiends for the safety of the local people. Marking the victory of good over the evil, monks perform the sacred mask dances. When these performances come to an end, an idol made of dough is destroyed by the leader of black hat dancers. The destroyed pieces of the figure are then spread in four directions. The programme of Hemis Festival is supervised by the head lama. After this, there is also a devil dance that acts as an important part of the social entertainment of the Ladakh people. Other major attraction of the Hemis festival includes a colourful fair displaying some of the most exquisite handicrafts of the Ladakh region. However, what takes the cake is the display of the two-story high ' Thanka' of the monastery. The Thanka is beautifully embroidered with pearls and semi-precious stones, and depicts Guru Padmasambhava. It is put on display only once in twelve years and one has to wait for a long time to have a glimpse of the Thanka.

The two day Hemis Festival is on at the moment near in Ladakh, in far northern India. It's held every year at the 300-year-old Buddhist monastery of Hemis Jangchub Choling, near Leh. The Hemis Festival is an incredible opportunity to experience ancient monastery culture. It's extremely colorful and captivating.

The two day Hemis Festival is one of the oldest religious carnivals of Ladakh, in far northern India. It commemorates the birth of Guru Padmasambhava, who founded Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. The festival is held at the 300-year-old Buddhist monastery of Hemis Jangchub Choling, near Leh. It's the biggest and richest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh. The setting of the monastery is stunning. It's located at an altitude of nearly 12,000 feet, overlooking the Indus river and surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

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