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Nagaur Festival Rajasthan - 2016

Nagaur Festival 2013,Nagaur Fair

Start Date : 13th Febuary, 2016

End Date : 16th Febuary, 2016

The Nagaur Festival of Rajasthan will be held from 13th - 16th Febuary 2016, in the quaint Rajput town of Nagaur. The Nagaur festival is essentially a cattle fair and every year close to 75,000 camels, bullocks and horses are traded. In fact the sheer volume of trading is astonishing to the first time visitors.

The fair caters to the entire farming belt of Northern India and a bid on prized animal can go up to a lakh rupees. In many cases, villagers pool in resources to raise the perfect siring bull and share the profits equally.

The fair is also a rare opportunity for tourists to catch a glimpse of rural Rajasthan , as yet uncorrupted by commercial interests. The rustic charm of the setting can be enjoyed in the relative comfort at the tourist village just across the road from the fair ground.

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