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Bungee Jump Inn Rishikesh India, Bungee Jump Inn India

Rishikesh, a city blessed with twin character. Tourists looking for an adventurous weekend or holiday come here alongside spiritual tourists who come here in find peace. The place is situated in the heartland of state Uttarakhand. Rafting on the river Ganga attracts the young and adventure loving tourists whereas tourists to offer prayers also come in large numbers. To find one's true self, it is the perfect destination in the nature's exquisiteness, rivers and adventure activities.

Here at Rishikesh, one will enjoy to the fullest as there are different variation of forests and mountain peaks to explore. The place is visited by tourists to enjoy their long and extended weekends in the camp site designed and made along the river side. Individual here will feel the energy gathered from the morning views and long day activities. And the activities which are available near the site will fill the individual with rigor and zest. As all the adventure activity is near the camp so tourist shows extra delight and courage in trying all the activities.

Rishikesh is the favorite and best visiting tourist destination where you can give highs to your all adventure dreams with the breathtaking adventure sports. In these adventure sports you can try out Bungee jumping, flying fox, giant swing, rock climbing, mountaineering, tracking, and river rafting etc.

Rafting Rafting - Rafting is almost synonymous to the Rishikesh. At the moment one hears Rishikesh, Rafting comes into mind automatically. Riding to the gushing waves and streams of the River Ganga can be done at various places in the Rishikesh. The river Ganga has 13 exhilarating rapids, which can be divided as Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4. All these activities are done under the supervision of experts and advisors ensuring safety at all levels.

Camping Camping - The beautiful location in Rishikesh valley makes Rishikesh an ideal destination for camping. Tourists from all over the globe come to Rishikesh for camping. Known as the Indian River rafting capital, Rishikesh the Himalayan town has been blessed with profuse natural wealth. The camps at Rishikesh are established on the banks of Ganga River, which adds to beauty with excitement. Added bonanza camping at Rishikesh is that after a fun filled day the nights are spent by dancing around bonfire.

Bungee Jumping Bungee Jumping - Jumping is exciting and an exhilarating adventure activity that can be tried while on tour to Rishikesh. Free falling in the air against the hard blowing wind with a cord tied around your legs is something only a few daredevils can try. However, to provide safety and avoid any mistakes, our team of professionals takes every precautionary measure to make your Bungee jumping more fun.

Kayaking Kayaking - Kayaking in Rishikesh has its own unique flavour. Kayaking against the gurgling water of Ganges not only makes it more exhilarating but also makes you focus solely on the activity itself. Kayaking is an activity that has been attracting adventure seekers more and more. Kayaking involves a kayak that has to be paddled across the waterway. Kayaking offers individuals the option of selecting from different types of Kayaking.

Trekking Trekking - Trekking expeditions in Rishikesh offers visitors a lifetime chance to enjoy the spectacular and amazing sights of Himalayan Peaks, flower variety and natural trees and beautiful scenery. Just counting the Trekking paths can make the individual miss the chance to enjoy the heaven which is full of exciting and thrilling. The climate is best suited for the trekking in Rishikesh..

Rock Climbing Rock Climbing - Rock climbing is an adventure sports that involves combination of an individual's strength, calm, stamina and courage. Not every fit person can complete a rock climbing activity. Moreover, proper training and right guidelines is what plays an important criterion to undertake this enthusiastic activity. Also, precaution and safety procedure plays an equally important factor in embarking on Rock Climbing. We have a team of professionally experienced and skilled team to train you and guide you to perform this task of Rock Climbing.

Cliff JumpingCliff Jumping - Cliff Jumping is one activity that should not be missed while undertaking adventure activities in Rishikesh. Jumping from a cliff is not limited to a particular height; jumpers can themselves select a height to their preference. Cliff jumping allows jumpers top free fall on the river from a certain height very much like a slide ride in a water park. However, the difference is the scenic beauty and absence of the slide itself. Try your level of stamina and endurance and experience a whole new jumping experience with Cliff Jumping.

Flying Fox Flying Fox - Flying Fox is an adventure activity where an individual gets to fly for almost a distance of one kilometer while being suspended in a horizontal position. The harness is the apparatus which is used for this particular activity. An exciting activity, Flying Fox allows individuals to experience flying like a bird and defy gravity. The activity is performed under the supervision of the highly skilled and experienced trainers only.

Giant Swing Giant Swing - Swinging is an activity that attracts individuals of all age groups. Almost similar to Bungee Jumping is a Giant Swing activity available at Rishikesh. But unlike Bungee Jumping where a chord is tied around the ankle, a seat harness is provided and two ropes are used as a tool for swinging as well as protection. So instead of a free fall a jumper will swing on air like a pendulum. Moreover, this activity can be done by two people at the same time.

Body Surfing Body Surfing - Have you have thought of swimming with the waves of mighty Ganga?? If yes, then prepare yourself for the best adventurous activity- Body Surfing. It facilitates tourist to surf riding on the waves without the use of any equipment. Full technical training is given to the individual going for the body surfing by the experts. Swim fins to add some extra fun and excitement are also provided making it more thrilling.

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