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Summer Festival Shimla - 2016

Summer Festival 2016

Every year in the month of May/June (first week of June) international Shimla summer festival is organised by district adminstration for the attraction of the tourists. Cultural activities are the major attractions.

Shimla Summer Festival is the most awaited festivals of Shimla which welcomes the summer season in the serene and calm environment of this vigilant hill station. Shimla Summer Festival depicts the perfect picture of rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. The festival has been organized each year by the Shimla Administration Officials since 1960. The mesmerizing festival is organized at the Ridge of Shimla in May end or early June. Shimla Summer Festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur. The festival allures national and international tourists from distant places to enjoy rich tradition and natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh.
The festival in stores many attractions for its visitors in the form of cultural performances, exotic Himachali cuisines, local handicrafts exhibitions, star concerts, Fashion Shows, Dog show, Flower Shows, different competitions etc. Splendid cultural performances during the festival include performances of local youth along with folk singers and dancers of Himachal Pradesh. Along with this, esteemed dignitaries of the entertainment world also perform fabulously during the gala period of the festival.
Shimla Summer Festival is an enchanting time for all visitors witnessing this festival. The festival definitely highlights the affluent cultural diversity of India. The summer festival of Shimla is a gay time for the people of Shimla. It is celebrated with much of pomp and grandeur in the month of May every year in Shimla. The summer festival in Shimla observes various local folk dance performances besides a number of performances made by the school goers. Even famous personalities like singers and celebrities are brought from all over India during this gala period in Shimla.

Shimla Cultural Tour The Shimla summer festival is organized at the Ridge of Shimla. People from the adjacent areas come to Shimla to have a glimpse of this much awaited festival. But now the festival is also celebrated at places like Kufri and Naldera.
During the summer festival at Shimla, the locals give stalls displaying the amazing handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh upholding the true Himachali culture. This a major tourist season of Shimla when the temperature is mild and cool and there is the spirit of joy everywhere.
The Shimla summer festival also arranges the Red Cross Fair, various sports, photograph and poster exhibition. The Shimla summer festival is a major festival of Shimla. It projects the rich tradition and culture of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla assumes the color of festivity during the month of summer. The name Shimla was originated from the "Shymala", which is another name of the Hindu Goddess Kali. During the colonial era this place was named by the British named it as "Queen of Hill Stations". This was the summer capital of India during the colonial era. Now it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, a state of India. This place like other parts of India has some colorful festivals. Festivals and Events in Shimla are a great reason that tourists throng this place. Summer Festival in Shimla is one such event. This event is quite popular among the local residents. Tourists too enjoy Summer Festival in Shimla.
Summer Festival in Shimla begins in May, after all it is summer festival and this is the second month of summer. All parts of Himachal Pradesh turn into a colorful place. Even nature seems to participate in the festival in its own unique way. With the arrival of summer it becomes greener and fresher. People too bring color by decorating places and streets. Summer actually brings a comfortable weather in this hilly region. So this is really a celebration of getting out form the clutches of bone chilling winter. Summer Festival in Shimla is also a way to ask the Gods for a better harvest in the New Year. The festival highlights the rich cultural diversity of India. Tourists would really enjoy here. They can interact with the local people apart from enjoying the pleasant weather and the entertainments available here. There are variety programs, sports and cultural programs that would keep the tourist interested. You can witness different sports. Or can se exhibitions of local dances. Magicians and other performers crowd the festival ground to provide some fun in the whole event.In fact this is a good time to witness the local culture. However there are a few other festivals and events that you should not miss. These include Sipi Fair in Shimla and Ice-Skating Carnival in Shimla.

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